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Removing Dust Mites in Rochester, Buffalo & Syracuse, NY

Removing Dust Mites Mold Prevention Services in Metro Detroit, MI

Dust mites are the biggest cause of skin irritations and allergies. These microscopic creatures tend to burrow in your carpets, bedding and clothing – items that are constantly within skin contact. Individuals who are allergic to dust mites experience the following problems:

  • Runny nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Clogged lungs
  • Hay fever
  • Breathing difficulties

If the presence of dust mites isn’t addressed as soon as possible, these symptoms can become aggravated, making it even more uncomfortable to live in your property. Of course, the simplest way to deal with these creatures is to regularly clean your surroundings. However, some common cleaning techniques actually spread dust mites rather than remove them. Vacuuming, sweeping and stepping on carpets diffuse the mites in the air, which allows them to settle on nearby surfaces. If you want to properly deal with your dust mite problem, contact Basement Waterproofing of Michigan. We have the equipment, experience and know-how to handle your situation.

Let Basement Waterproofing of Michigan Remove Dust Mites & Mold Growth

Dust mites are hardy creatures, but, with the proper equipment and cleaning procedures, it’s possible to completely get rid of them. Our fully licensed and certified technicians will make sure that the dust mites won’t thrive in your building. Moisture is a big contributor in creating the perfect habitat for dust mites. When we stop the cause of moisture, the number of dust mites will disappear. To do this, we’ll perform procedures like:

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  • Reducing the moisture and humidity in your home
  • Fixing both air and water leaks
  • Installing an interior drainage system

We can also install a sump pump and dehumidifier in your basement. Your basement has all the conditions of a habitat where dust mites can thrive, so installing a sump pump and dehumidifier will significantly reduce the amount of moisture in your property.

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