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Dry Rot Removal in Rochester, Buffalo & Syracuse, NY

Dry Rot Damage Prevention in Metro Detroit Michigan

If your property retains a lot of moisture, there’s a possibility that your building’s wooden surfaces have developed dry rot. Dry rot is a fungal decay that slowly destroys wood fibers. It makes the wood look aged and brittle, which compromises the wood’s stiffness and strength. If you believe that your wooden beams or walls are infested with dry rot, contact Crawford Basements immediately. Our experts will remove the decay efficiently and quickly.

Let the Professionals Handle the Task

Even though dry rot is caused by a mere fungus, removing the decay isn’t a simple process. There are 2 types of dry rot. The first, white rot, has a white or yellowish discoloration and targets hardwood. Wood that has been affected by white rot has a spongy texture and stringy appearance. The other one, brown rot, makes the wood turn dark brown. It targets softwoods and gives the wooden surface a dry and powdery texture.

Because of the appearances of the two types of dry rot, you can easily confuse them for wood damage caused by termites and carpenter ants. If you use the improper dry rot removal method, the risk of damaging the wooden structure increases – causing the wooden beam or wall to break and collapse. Trust Crawford Basements to remove the decay because we have the keen eye and the necessary tools to handle dry rot safely and correctly.

How to Prevent Dry Rot

If your property hasn’t shown the signs of dry rot, you can apply several techniques to keep your surroundings dry rot-free. These methods include:

  • Addressing both air and water leaks
  • Encapsulating your crawl space
  • Insulating your basement
  • Installing a dehumidifier and sump pump in your basement

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All of these strategies prevent moisture from accumulating in your property. With lessened moisture, it’s less likely that  the fungus will grow on your wooden structures.

Basement Waterproofing of Michigan also offers professional basement waterproofing and moisture control services to further improve your property’s moisture levels. Give us a call at 248-206-3484 and receive a free estimate. Our services are available to properties in Metro Detroit Michigan.


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