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Wet Basement Solutions in Metro Detroit, MI

If your basement is damp, smelly, and moldy, then you're more likely to have a wet basement. A wet basement can be very troublesome if not addressed on time. It can cause bigger damages like mold and mildew growth, foundation damage, water damage, and more. Therefore, if you have a wet basement, contact Basement Waterproofing of Michigan. provide a basement waterproofing system designed to meet the needs of any home, regardless of age or size. We offer you a combination of experience and advanced technology. We are your local experts of the crawlspace serving most areas of Michigan, including Detroit, Ann Arbor, Sterling Heights, Warren, Troy, and many other cities. Simply give us a call at 248-206-3484 or contact us online.

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Why Basement Gets Wet in Michigan?

 Basement in Michigan
  • Window Well: A window well is one of the main reasons why unwanted water makes its way into the basement. If it doesn’t have proper drainage or the drain is clogged or blocked because of debris, or, the well is not accurately installed, water cumulates in the well. During heavy rain that water seeps into your basement. Even if your window is defect-free, the pooled water in the well will start leaking into your basement.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Our ground is saturated with water to a certain extend. The level of saturated soil beneath the ground is called the water table. During heavy rain or melting snow, the soil absorbs the water. After being fully saturated when the soil can no longer absorb water, the water table rises. As a consequence hydrostatic pressure (water pressure) forms, pushing the water through your basement walls and floor.
  • Lateral Pressure: When your house was built the soil was dug and backfilled. Therefore the soil surrounding your house is not fully compact. The less-dense the soil is the more it can absorb water. After heavy rain, absorbing a lot of water, the soil starts to expand and creates lateral pressure (pressure from sideway) against the foundation. It causes cracks in the basement walls and water easily leaks through.
  • Faulty Plumbing: If any pipe is leaky inside your home, it can result in the pipe bursting and ultimately flood your basement.
  • Inadequate Sump Pump: The purpose of the sump pump is to pump away water from the floor and foundation so that the water doesn’t gather under the floor. But due to poor maintenance, it fails to divert the water away, resulting in water leaking into the basement.

Make Your Wet Basement Dry with Basement Waterproofing of Michigan

At Basement Waterproofing, we have continued to grow throughout the years by constantly studying the latest and best products available for basement waterproofing. Whenever we've found weaknesses in the existing technology, we've built our own. We have several patents for basement repair technologies that are now used all over the world.

Simply give us a call at 248-206-3484 or contact us online to schedule a service or for any information. We are your local crawlspace specialists serving in Michigan including Dearborn, Livonia, Canton, Novi, Pontiac, Southfield, St. Clair Shores & Rochester Hills, and many other cities.