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Basement Waterproofing of Michigan Survey

Reviewed By: Richard Welke
Location: Romulus, MI 48174

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Angie's List

Comment Ken had his crew at the house on time at the date promised and the workers were efficient, professional and appeared to know exactly what to do and how to do it. While there was dust in the work area, the workers really protected our stuff and the upstairs, almost like it was their own. There were no damages and they finished on time. After the job was complete, Ken told me to call him if we had any problems, leaks or any water showed up on the floor. The spring rains came shortly after the job was completed and we were all apprehensive and anxious, causing us to check the basement every few hours. The rains were unusually heavy but we saw no leaks or water on the basement floor. About two weeks after the job was done, I did see a small amount of water on the floor and called Ken. He came over within hours and after a brief inspection determined and showed us that the rains were so heavy that the small amount of water that was on the floor actually came from over the top of the basement wall, where it meets the house, not from the floor. Ken did stop by several days later to check again but there was no water from the basement floor then and we have not seen a drop since. The Basement Waterproofing Company’s work and follow-up was, in our opinion, superb. We would recommend them to anyone with a leaky basement.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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