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Meet Team Members from Basement Waterproofing of Michigan

Tom Kash

Marketing Director

Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI

I love having the freedom to experiment with new marketing strategies that create exciting possibilities for our brand by connecting with the community to build long-lasting relationships, express our vision, and bring tangible value to my role as BWM's marketing manager. From our website to social networking, and business partnerships to charitable events, we do everything we can to reach our goal of making Basement Waterproofing of Michigan a leader in the industry, and a trusted member of the local business community.
I have a team of all-around talented people that I work with to achieve results, and working together is how we’ve made Basement Waterproofing of Michigan a success. Joe understands that treating his staff members as though they’re family members is the best way to help everyone succeed in their specific role within his company. Joe and I have been close friends for many, many years, and I’m appreciative of the faith and trust he has in my ability to lead our marketing efforts.
I spend long hours at the office to ensure we meet our various deadlines, but when I go home, my lovely wife and our little girl are the center of my life. I don’t have as much time to go cycling now that we have a toddler in our home, and neither my wife nor I get as much rest as we used to, but we’re very happy to have our family, and we hope to have more children once we’re all caught up on sleep.