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Job completed for Rob M.

Completion date: July 30, 2018

Location: Plymouth, MI

Why did the customer contact us?

Our customer Rob found BWM from a mailing he received. He reached out to us when several homes in southeast Michigan were flooding from the high levels of rainfall. His tiled and concrete basement floors had standing water. Portions of the basement had drywall and other portions were unfinished. There were a couple of leaking rod holes. He also had mold growing in a couple small storage closets. We recommended the full perimeter GrateDrain system since he was having water seepage from many different walls.

Solutions provided:

The system he purchased was the Grate Drain sub floor drainage system for the full perimeter of his basement. This comes with the Transferable Life of House Warranty. The Flexi Flange and Thermal Finish Shield were included in the total system cost for the entire perimeter. He had the Level Two Ground Water Control System installed. This comes with a dual, closed, sump pump system that has 2 liners, 2 fast pumps, a Water Alarm and the fast sump inverter with 100AMP, 12 Volt Battery. He also wanted to add the Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier. We did have to remove the portion of the drywall to be able to access the leaking portion and install the vapor barrier. But now his basement will be water and damage free! He also qualifies for the Full Wall Protection Healthy Basement Certificate. Rob and his family can breath easy in their new Healthy Home!

Photos & Videos:

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