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Job completed for Jaclyn W.

Completion date: June 2, 2018

Location: Saint Clair Shores, MI

Why did the customer contact us?

Jaclyn reached out to BWM because she had a crack in her basement wall that would leak when it rained heavily. She never noticed a musty smell or standing water, so we feel it was possibly recent due to the increase in rainfall. Jaclyn and her children go in the basement daily. She would clean up water with a mop and bucket, until the repairs were made.

Solutions provided:

We broke out the concrete in front of the crack and exposed the footing. We, then, sealed the crack from the wall down to the footing. Next, we installed white wall panel to seal off repair and redirect moisture under the floor. Lastly, it was back-filled with gravel and finished with concrete. This service comes with a transferable lifetime warranty against water seepage.