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Job completed for Shawn Dorsey

Completion date: March 27, 2019

Location: Royal Oak, MI

Why did the customer contact us?

Royal Oak homeowner found water coming in through a crack in the floor of their 1950s home. They have found no apparent mold in their unfinished basement with a cinderblock foundation/ They are looking to get the space waterproofed to prevent further water damage.

Solutions provided:

To prevent water from continuing to enter the home we installed a customer GrateDrain perimeter system. We installed a full Thermal Finish shield on the walls along the system to create a vapor barrier and protect against moisture, mold, and mildew. The homeowner also had a sump pump system installed to collect the water from the dual chambered Grate Drain System

Team members on this project:

Dave Klos, Ryan Sawicki,

Photos & Videos:

Royal Oak Waterproofing Before

Royal Oak Waterproofing Before

Royal Oak Waterproofing After

Royal Oak Waterproofing After