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Our Basement Waterproofing Product Of Choice

The process of basement waterproofing is a strenuous job and requires multiple products to complete it. The types of products that are used can make all the difference in the completion of a job. It is very important to use basement waterproofing products that can get the job done correctly. Here at Basement Waterproofing And Foundation Repair, we are happy to say that we are the only certified and authorized company to use the Grate Drain Waterproofing System.

The Grate Drain system has been proven to be the best waterproofing system available. The system is fail proof and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is the only two chamber system that has been proven to remove the presence or moisture and keep it out permanently. It even has access ports to allow easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Ultimate Waterproofing Product

The reason why we use Grate Drain is simple. It works. The system is broken up into specific parts that each play a role in the system. Without each piece of the basement waterproofing products, the system will not work to full capacity or even at all. The multiple parts that Grate Drain consists of are as follows:

  • Grate Drain - This is basically a long solid pipe that travels around the basement underground. It has holes punched in the sides of it to collect water and moisture and help remove it out of the home.

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  • Access Ports - These engineered fittings allow the Grate Drain to turn and go around the basement. They are fitted at the ends of dual drain chamber to help it run the perimeter of the basement. They also allow access for maintenance.
  • Grate Sump - This pump system is specifically designed to remove water that sits underneath the floor of the basement or the crawls space. This product is completely safe and promotes good basement health.
  • Grate Trench - This is mainly used for stairs and walkout basement doors. This basement waterproofing product is great for moving surface water into the sump pump. It also has an air resistant valve that can be closed after the water has entered the system.

If you are looking to get basement waterproofing done for your home, contact Basement Waterproofing And Foundation Repair. By getting this process done with the best basement waterproofing products available, you rest easy knowing that your home is in good hands. Schedule an appointment with us via or website or call in by phone to get started. A healthy and happy waterproofed basement is only a phone call away.