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Are you looking for professional Michigan basement waterproofing for your basement problems? With Basement Waterproofing And Foundation Repair, you can rest assured knowing that the lower level of your home is in good hands. Unlike many Michigan basement waterproofing companies around, we conduct a complete inspection of your entire basement to get to the exact root of any problem it may be facing.

Doing waterproofing work is not a very fun job to do. It is a very labor intensive and dirty job. However, it is needed in a home, so to make sure that our customers rest easy, we use the best system that is proven to work better than any other waterproofing system. Basement waterproofing is not exactly a cheap job either, but we do what we can make payment affordable for our customers. If you need basement waterproofing in Michigan, do not wait until problems in your basement become worse and create more damage. Put our waterproofers to work and get those issues taken care of swiftly.

The Best MI Basement Waterproofing System

Basement Waterproofing And Foundation Repair is the only licensed and certified user of the Grate Drain System in Michigan. This system has been proven to be the best system for all waterproofing problems on the market. We use this system in our step by step procedure to properly waterproof each basement we work in. Our process consists of these steps:

  • We start of by identifying the exact source of wetness, entry points of the water, and what the best solution may be to take care of each issue.

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  • We then break a trench to begin placing the Grate Drain System in place. A trench is about eight to ten inches wide.
  • The drain is placed into the trench with about one to two inches of stone underneath the drain itself.
  • Ports, Outlets, and Access Points are installed for easy access for maintenance and to run the drain around the perimeter of the basement.
  • It is connected to a sump pump and water and moisture is expelled out of your basement, keeping it out for good.

Waterproofing also helps protect your home from other nasty problems such a mold and mildew, radon gas, and an infestation of iron bacteria.

If you are need of any kind Michigan basement waterproofing services, contact Basement waterproofing And Foundation Repair. We will do what we can to make sure that the basement of your home is properly taken care of. With us by your side, you can rest easy knowing that the lower level of your home is safe and dry.