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What Is Drainage Tile?

We know that basement repair is not the most fun investment to make, but when the time comes, it needs to be done. Having uses with water is your basement is a huge pain. Most of the time, the solutions for the problem are not that big. There are other times, however, where the issue requires a little more attention. One of those solutions in drain tile.

A drain tile system, is installed around the footing of the structure. Depending on the type of drain tile system you use can affect the placement of the piping. There are two types of drainage tile systems known as interior drain tile and exterior drain tile. Depending on your basement contractor, they will decide on what method they see fit for the job.

Interior Drain vs Exterior Drain

Both types of drainage tile systems come with their own set of basement waterproofing advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of Interior Drain Tile are:

  • This type of installation can happen at any time of the year
  • If there is any buildup of hydrostatic pressure, the piping system installed will relieve it
  • Interior drain tile installation is a little easier to put in place, while exterior installation requires some extra work
  • There is no need to remove any of the landscape like needed for exterior, and the outdoor element cannot get to it

The disadvantages of this interior basement waterproofing method are as follows:

  • There is a little preparation needed to get everything ready and in place
  • The basement cannot be used during the time of the installation
  • Water can still permeate through brick and stone, so a type of exterior sealant may need to be put in place

For Exterior Drainage Tile, the advantages and disadvantages are a little different. The advantages of an exterior tile system is as follows:

  • The interior of the basement does not face much disturbance and disruption
  • There is not much need for preparation except if there is any need for landscape removal
  • It helps drain amounts of wet soil and relieves some water pressure
  • It keeps water from permeating through the walls of the basement

For this exterior basement waterproofing method, the disadvantages include:

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  • This method is much more labor intensive than interior, so it is less economical as well
  • It does disrupt the landscaping outside, so any of it close to the house will have to be removed
  • The access to the piping is limited
  • The water is not drained out as well as an interior method would