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What Is Foundation Repair?

It is not the most fun investment to make, but foundation repair is important for the structure of your home. Occasionally, water that runs off the roof of a home gets absorbed into the soil around it. This causes the soil at the base of the home to expand, causing it to crack and weaken. Many people will think it can be fixed simply by filling in the cracks to avoid paying the high foundation repair costs. However, foundation repair is a much more in depth procedure. You need to take care of the main problem to fix it.

If you are in need of Michigan foundation repair, you will not find anyone better to do the job than Basement Waterproofing of Michigan. We know exactly what it takes to repair a foundation, and we promise to get the job done correctly. You do not want to wait until the situation gets worse. Contact us today and get it taken care of.

Methods Of Foundation Repair

There are many different foundation repair methods that can be used, and each company differs in their method of choice. The different types of foundation repair methods many professionals use today consist of the following:

  • Soil Injection - This method is nontoxic and water soluble. The chemical gets injected right into the ground underneath the foundation itself. This keeps the soil from absorbing water and swelling up around the home.
  • Steel/Concrete Pilings - These are simply placed underneath the house to raise it up and level it. Concrete can then be poured in to permanently seat the foundation.

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  • Root Barriers - These little pellets are placed into the soil to keep roots from growing into the area of the base of the home. They can also come as sheets of metal.
  • Slabjacking - Also known as mudjacking, this is when the contractor pumps concrete underneath the structure to lift it up and level it. The type of concrete used can vary.

The method of foundation repair used to fix your foundation problem can vary depending on the company hired. To get the best Michigan foundation repair available for your home, make sure to call Basement Waterproofing of Michigan. We will get right to the roof of the problem, diagnose it, and figure out which method fits your problem the best.

Do not wait until the problem worsens. It will only cost you more money or could result in the collapse of your home. Contact us today to get a free inspection and get started on fixing your home today.