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Many homeowners are already aware of what insulation is, but crawl space insulation seems to not come up as much. Crawl spaces are the prime areas for heat loss, and when the heat in your home moves from the living space to the crawl space, it shoots right outside. By encapsulating a crawl space, heat loss is reduced and the amount of heat that is lost through the floors is lessened. It is extremely important to make sure that these spaces are maintained correctly since they serve many different purposes for a home including:

  • An extra storage space
  • Easy access to plumbing and electrical
  • Home foundation
  • Clean air flow through out the home

Professional Crawl Space Encapsulation

The majority of crawl spaces are vented towards the outside, so it must be insulated in the same manner. The floor needs to get crawl space insulation from below, and the water pipes and temperature units also need to be taken care of during crawl space encapsulation. An unvented crawl space needs to be taken care of as a heated basement. The exterior foundation walls are going to need insulation as well. If your crawl space happens to have any heating or cooling ducts, exterior insulation will be a good alternative for these as well. This method is also relatively inexpensive and can save you some money.

It is extremely important to find the perfect contractor to take care of the insulation for you. You do not want to risk making a mistake and create issues for your crawl space. To make sure that everything is handled correctly, contact Basement Waterproofing of Michigan today. We know what it takes to get you encapsulation done, and we will do it right the first time around.

Take advantage of the free basement estimate we have to offer to get started on servicing your home today. Do not hesitate until more problems arise and the cost for repair arises. Take the time to schedule one via our website or call in to get started. We are standing by, ready to give you the crawl space encapsulation service you need. Call us today!